part number: C2S47472A
New V6 3.0 A/C compressor S-Type(all), X-Type(all). This is an aftermarket item.

part number: XR82897R
Rebuilt V6 3.0 A/C compressor S-Type(all), X-Type(all)

$250 core charge applies to t...More
part number: C2S5302
A/C Condenser for Jaguar X-Type. Fits all years and engines.
part number: C2S43493M
X-Type (all years) A/C fan module. New, Welsh exclusive product, not available from Jaguar. Normally...More
part number: C2S8619
Cabin air filter for the X-Type. Fits model year 2002-2005.

Alternate part#: C2S8622
part number: AJ84229
Water Pump Belt
X-type (2002-2007; to J04731)
Other Part Numbers: C2S39525
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