part number: C2S43420
X-Type (2001-2008) rear outer CV joint.
part number: C2S14739
X-Type rear hub carrier bushing.
part number: C2S39585
X-Type rear lower control arm. Alternate part#: C2S50863
part number: C2S45980
X-Type rear lower control arm bolt.
part number: C2S2389
X-Type (fits up to VIN# D41551) AWD rear shock. This is an OE Bilstein shock.
part number: C2S51264RP
X-Type rear sway bar bushing. New product from Welsh Enterprises. We manufactured this bushing in ur...More
part number: C2S13886
Lugnut for the S-Type, X-Type & XJ8 (04-07). Price is per lugnut.
part number: C2C35294K
Lugnut Kit for the S-Type, X-Type & XJ8 (04-07).
part number: C2S43216
X-Type wheel speed sensor.
part number: C2S45979
X-Type Adjustment Cam
X-type (2001-2009; C0034 to J40142)
Other part numbers: C2S126...More
part number: C2S52519
X-type Differential Pinion Oil Seal
X-type(2001-2009; C00344 to J40142)
part number: C2S45983
X-type Rear Suspension Control Arm Bolt, Front Lower
X-type (2001-2009; C0034 to J40142)
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