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part number: MNB6116AA
Fantastic 17" Sport Wheel set of 4 for the XJ6/XJ8/XJR. Came on the XJR (1995-1997) originally. Unav...More
part number: DAYTONS
Welsh Enterprises specializes in Dayton wire wheels for Jaguars and other British cars. We have unbe...More
part number: C2S25237
18"x 7.5" Indianapolis wheel set of 4 for the Jaguar X-Type. Factory OEM BBS wheel set. Unavailable ...More
part number: XR853029
19"x8.5" front and 19"x9.5" rear Barcelona wheel set for the Jaguar S-Type. Factory OEM BBS wheel se...More
part number: C2P1010
18" x 8.5" set of four wheels for the Jaguar XF and XK. For a limited time these wheels include bran...More
part number: CAC4379SPARE
15" x 6.5" Starfish wheel with tire. Came out of the trunk of a car. Never installed or used. Makes ...More
part number: XR831007C
16" x 7.5" S-Type (2000-2003) wheel set of 4. These are refurbished and chromed wheels. A unique, on...More
part number: C2S2327
17" X-Type Sport wheel set. All four wheels are 17"x7". These are new, OEM Jaguar wheels. They came ...More
part number: MJD6116AA
17" Jaguar XK8 / XKR 5-spoke Lamina wheel set. All four wheels are 17"x8".

** This is...More
part number: XR826421
18" Jaguar S-Type Monaco wheel set. All four wheels are 18"x8". OEM Jaguar BBS wheels.

part number: C2S37477C
The popular 18" Proteus wheel for the Jaguar X-Type in stunning chrome. The size for all four wheels...More
part number: CAC6438C
XJ6 (1988-1994) chrome hubcap w/ holes.
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