part number: E1236
E-Type Series 1 3.8 FHC / Roadster service manual.
part number: TUNEGUIDE
Competition use and tuning & preparation guide was provided with UK E-Types. This guide told the own...More
part number: E1311
E-Type Series 1 4.2 owners manual.
part number: JJM10279960
New Vehicle Storage Manual binder with heavy green leather cover. Offers detailed instructions for s...More
part number: JMM3529
Jaguar parts & accessories binder. Does not include the guide, it is a binder only. Use as a notebo...More
part number: XK120BOOK
240 Pages

More than half a century since it came on the scene, the XK120 remains one ...More
part number: XK140150BOOK
240 Pages

Jaguar's series of XK sports cars used the remarkable twin overhead camshaf...More
part number: XK150Explored
The long-awaited third volume in the XK Explored series is now available, exclusively from Welsh Ent...More
part number: E1226RED
Late XK150S and E-Type (1961-1964) red manual cover with gold lettering.
part number: SM9006
Jaguar XJ6 Series III factory service manual.
part number: WIDI38S
Wiring diagram for Jaguar 3.8 S
part number: WIDIMK9
Wiring diagram for Jaguar MK IX
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