part number: C3993
Cam Alignment Timing Tool
MK Sedans
E-Type 1961-1974
part number: 303530
Camshaft valve setting tool for your XJ8 or XK8. Properly align your camshafts with this great tool.
part number: 303531
Crankshaft setting tool for the V8 engine in both the XJ8 and XK8. This tool allows you to properly ...More
part number: C1102TOOL
Wood Knockoff Tool For Earred Knockoffs XK120 1948-1954, XK140 1954-1957, XK150 1957-1961, MK2 1959-...More
part number: T134
Quality, British made, Jaguar Tire Care Pack by Desmo Includes: - Tire pressure gauge - Tire va...More
part number: 303645A
Jaguar V8 Crankshaft Alignment Tool
part number: 303654
Jaguar V8 Variable Valve Timing Tool
part number: 303533
Primary timing change wedge for V8 engines. The tool is specially made to fit both XJ8 and XK8 motor...More
part number: B20379
Stromberg Carburetor Adjusting Tool
part number: SUADJ3
SU Carburetor Adjustment Tool
part number: BLT1001
Timing Chain Tensioning Tool 6 Cylinder for XJ6 1980-1987
part number: 303532
Timing chain tensioning tool for the XJ8 and XK8.
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