part number: NJA3558AA
Air filter fits model/year: XJ8 1998-2003 & XK8 1997-2003.
part number: JLM20617A
Front brake rotor for make/year: XJ/XJR (1998-2004), and XK8/XKR (VIN# 037348 and up). Sold as each.
part number: CBC7083
Fuel filter. Fits make/model XJ6 (1991-1997), XJS (1992-1996) XJ8 (1998-2003), XK8 (up to 2003). More
part number: LCA1510AB
2 pin ignition coil for XJ8 from VIN 812317-F59525 and XK8 up to VIN 042775.
part number: LNE1510AB
4 pin ignition coil for XJ8 from VIN 853935 on & XK8 from VIN A30644.
part number: HIDEFOOD
The finest leather care conditioner offered by Jaguar. An absolute necessity for keeping your leathe...More
part number: EAZ1354
Oil Filter for S-Type, XJ8, XK8. For V8 Models only.
part number: JLM21220
Rear brake pads for XK8. VIN A00083 to A30644
part number: JLM20342A
Rear brake rotor for the XJ6/XJ8 (1995-1999), XK8 (1997-1999) and XJS (1993-1995).
part number: AJ84575
Spark plug for S-Type V8 2000-2004, XJ8 & XK8. Can be used for supercharged versions of these cars a...More
part number: NCA3850EA1
Spark plug for models: XJ8|XK8.
part number: GNA8960AA
Wiper blade without air foil. Fits model/year XJ6 1992 - 1997 from VIN 657730, XJ8 1998 - 2003, XK8 ...More
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