part number: AJ82705
S-Type 4.2 (2005 and up), XJ8 (2004-2009) RH breather hose.
part number: AJ82875
XK8, XJ8 and S-Type V8 Left side cam cover gasket. 4.2 V8 engine only.
part number: C2C22653
XJR 4.2 (2005-2009 VIN# G35488-H32732), and S-Type R 4.2 (2003-2008, from VIN# M62936) head gasket k...More
part number: C2C32955
XJ8 (2006-2009, from VIN# G49701) head gasket set.
part number: AJ86874
XK8, XJ8 and V8 S-Type spark plug seal. 4.2 engines only.
part number: NCC7735BA
XJR (1998-2009), XKR (1997-2006), XK 4.2 (2007 and up), S-Type R, and XF 4.2 supercharger outlet elb...More
part number: AJ82856
Valve seal (with variable timing) for XJ8, XK8, XK, S-Type V8 and XF.
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