part number: C2S43270
XJ V6 (2004 and up), X-Type, S-Type V6, XF V6 oil sump pan gasket.
part number: AJ810511
Supercharged Camshaft Cover Fastener
4.2 Litre
XF (2009-12; R00001 to S20852)
part number: C2S46348
XJ (2010 and up) XF (V6), X-Type (2.5 and 3.0), S-Type (3.0) timing chain kit. This fits V6 versions...More
part number: C2Z21781
XJ (2010 and up, VIN# V0001-V70295), XK (VIN# B47448-B52040), XF (up to VIN# U33260), and F-Type (up...More
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