part number: BD155881
3/8" body plug.
part number: BD155883
5/8" body plug.
part number: 166002
UNF 5/16" caged nut. Used in various places on car.
part number: BD12437
XK150, E-Type Series I, MK7, 8, 9 chrome ashtray knob.
part number: BD3428
XK120, XK140, XK150 roadster side curtain base in chrome.
part number: C13967U
XK150 used clutch pedal. C13967
part number: 170313A1
XK140 and XK150 LH convertible hold down latch.
part number: 170314A2
XK140 and XK150 RH convertible hold down latch.
part number: BD8045HANDLE
XK140 and XK150 convertible top clamp handle.
part number: BD6799
Convertible top clamp hook (short) for DHC versions of XK120, XK140, and XK150.
part number: BD16244
XK150 DHC convertible top frame. Excellent construction and craftsmanship.
part number: 170311A
XK150 convertible top latch. Fits left or right side. 4 hole.