part number: C12922ALUM
XK150 aluminum radiator, made in the UK. This radiator is typically more than 7% cooler than a flux ...More
part number: XKHTR
XK120, XK140 and early XK150 complete heater matrix.

Alternate part#: C4387
part number: C4392
XK120, XK140, and XK150 heater valve.
part number: C12923
XK150 lower radiator pipe.
part number: C2354
Radiator drain tap.
part number: C4985
Thermostat gasket for XK140, XK150 E-Type (3.8) MK7, MK9, and MK2.
part number: C11577
E-Type 3.8, XK150, MK2, MK10 water rail gasket.
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