part number: C1782
5/16" clutch dowel.
part number: 31393
Anti Creep Switch DG250 Transmission XK150 1957-1961 MK1 1955-1959 MK2 1959-1967
part number: C18739
Bell housing seal for E-Type and XK150 with "JS" gearbox.
part number: C18379
Bell housing seal for E-Type, XK150 & MK2 with "JS" gearbox.
part number: HK5229
This new clutch has an improved clamping pressure with a softer pedal feel and less pedal pressure. ...More
part number: CLUTOOL
Clutch Alignment Tool for all Jaguar models with a standard transmission.
part number: C9780
XK120, XK140, and XK150 clutch fork.
part number: C13055
Tapered clutch fork pin for XK150 MK8 MK9.
part number: 64047212
Jaguar XK150 clutch hose.
Other Part Numbers: C19368
part number: 64066303A
Clutch master cylinder for XK150 (1957-1961), E-Type (1961-1974) and 3.8S (1963-1968). Alternate par...More
part number: SP2177
Clutch master cylinder repair kit for (Dunlop) XK150, E-Type (1971-1974), and 3.8S. (Repair kit For ...More
part number: C13967U
XK150 used clutch pedal. C13967
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