part number: 8836
Hand brake pawl for: E-Type, XJ6 (up to 1987), MK2, MK10, 420, and XJS.
part number: BD20469
E-Type (all years) hand brake seal.
part number: 8840
Hand brake spring. Fits all E-Type's and XJS (VIN# 139052-188104).
part number: 9749
Handbrake caliper pivot adjustment bolt. Fits: E-Type, MK2, MK10, XJ6, and XJS. 2 Required.
part number: 8016
Handbrake caliper pivot bolt. Fits: E-Type, MK Sedan, XJ6, XJS.
part number: C22955U
Used E-Type (1961-1974) handbrake compensator. C22955
part number: C18738
E-Type 6 cyl. (1961-1971) handbrake switch spring.
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