part number: C1843
E-Type (1961-1964) input shaft caged needle bearing.
part number: CLUTOOL
Clutch Alignment Tool for all Jaguar models with a standard transmission.
part number: C9857
E-Type 6 cyl. (1961-1971), MKI, MKII, MKX, 3.4, 3.8S, 420, and XJ6 Series I clutch fork shaft.
part number: KL93475
E-Type (1961-1967), MK2, and 3.8S clutch hose.
part number: 64066303
This is the correct cast-iron Dunlop-style cylinder with the proper 90-degree angle between fluid po...More
part number: 64066303A
Clutch master cylinder for XK150 (1957-1961), E-Type (1961-1974) and 3.8S (1963-1968). Alternate par...More
part number: SP2177
Clutch master cylinder repair kit for (Dunlop) XK150, E-Type (1971-1974), and 3.8S. (Repair kit For ...More
part number: SP2616A
E-Type Series I 3.8 (Dunlop) clutch master cylinder repair kit.
part number: C25506
Clutch Pedal Return Spring All E-Type 1961-1974
part number: 5300933
E-Type 4.2 9.5" clutch plate.

Alternate part#: C25874, C736S
part number: C36607
Clutch Reservoir Bottle And Lid E-Type 1964-1974
part number: C32112O
Clutch Reservoir Lid E-Type 1964-1974 (for Clutch Reservoir Bottle and Lid see part# C-36607) NOS Ja...More