part number: C2659
XK120, XK140, XK150, MK1, MK2, MK7, MK9 headlamp dip (high beams) switch cover.
part number: 170309A
Convertible top hold down latch for XK120 DHC. Fits left or right side.
part number: 69046PAIR
Horn pair for XK120, MK5, MK7 and early E-Type.
part number: BD200104
XK120, XK140, XK150 and E-Type 2+2 inner window wipe. 29" long.
part number: C5501
XK120 DHC and FHC short stem interior mirror.
part number: 70266
Convertible top Left or Right hook receiver for XK120 and XK140 DHC.
part number: BD8002
XK120 LH pillar finishing plate.
part number: C3721AHUB
XK120 Motolita steering wheel hub. Allow original style horn push to be used with Motolita steering ...More
part number: BD8000
XK120 DHC LH chrome pillar lower finishing cap.
part number: BD8001
XK120 DHC RH chrome pillar lower finishing cap.
part number: BD8000PR
XK120 DHC chrome pillar lower finishing cap pair.
part number: BD8002PR
Pillar Finishing Plate Pair for XK120