part number: CARCOVER
A brand new Union Jack car cover for your Jaguar. The cover is made from a very soft, non-abrasive c...More
part number: GSL125
Leather shiftknob with checked cat face. Fits E-Type 1961-1974
part number: C16154
Shift Knob XK150 1957-1961, MK2 1959-1967, 3.8L E-Type 1961-1964
part number: GSW125
Wood shift knob with cat face and "Jaguar". Fits E-Type (1961-1974).
part number: BD27666
"E Type" motif. Fits E-Type's 1965-1974.
part number: BD26762
Show quality "Jaguar" motif. Fits Jaguar models from 1961-1979
part number: FUSE15
15 amp glass fuse.
part number: C4595
9/16" x 5/8" spanner.
part number: DO125
Carburetor damper oil.
part number: DCL1041
E-Type (1968-1969) choke plate.
part number: C18638E
E-Type Series I, 420, MK2, 3.8S cigar lighter.
part number: BD47267
Dash motif. Fist multiple Jaguar models.
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