part number: C17870
XK150 and 6 cyl. E-Type accelerator linkage rod. Runs across firewall.
part number: C18478
E-Type 6 cyl. (1961-1971) accelerator pedal link.
part number: CB75
E-Type (all), XK140 DHC, XK150 (all) brake / clutch pedal PAD. Our pads feature an upgraded rubber c...More
part number: C18125
E-Type (1961-1967) choke cable.
part number: 12278
Jaguar choke cable clip.
part number: AUC5058
Choke cable clip trunnion.
part number: C18467
E-Type 6 cyl. (1961-1971) FHC / roadster gas pedal.
part number: C14366
Throttle and heater flap return Spring. Fits 3.8 and 4.2 E-Types and MK2.
part number: C24927
E-Type 4.2 and MK10 throttle lever assembly
part number: C18943
E-Type 6 cyl. (1961-1971) and MK10 throttle linkage tab washer.
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