part number: DCL1124D
Seat belt buckle decal embossed for E-Type
part number: DCL1154
E-Type seat belt decal.
part number: BD11501
Self tapping screw for multiple applications. Used when fitting badge to motif bar on E-Type (1961-1...More
part number: DCL1064
Silicone brake fluid decal.
part number: DAC00412C
10 pack of 3/4" slotted trim screws.
part number: DCL1036
E-Type (1967-1971) speedometer decal.
part number: DCL1122
Tappet clearance decal. Fits various Jaguar models.
part number: TECBADGE
Teclamit oil badge
part number: DCL1123
E-Type Series II & III "Tilt Seats Before Lowering Or Raising Top" decal.
part number: C11753
90 degree tire gauge.
part number: C20482R
4.2 E-Type replacement tool kit screwdriver.
part number: C5578
E-Type (Series I and II), XK140, and XK150 tool roll bag.
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