part number: GEARBOXE
Finally, Welsh Enterprises has an answer to your antiquated Moss non-syncro gearbox or your 4 speed ...More
part number: 10065
3 1/4" Drive Shaft U-Joint E-Type 1961-1974, MK2 1961-1967, MK10 1961-1966, XJ6 1970>1987, XJS Up To...More
part number: C18517
4.2L Gear Ring 133 Teeth E-Type 1965-1971, XJ6 1969-1987
part number: C1782
5/16" clutch dowel.
part number: 7390
9.5" clutch kit for Series II E-Type. Please double your car for application. Some flywheels drilled...More
part number: 8532
Aluminum flywheel for Series I & II E-Type with 4.2 Liter engines and 420. This flywheel is consider...More
part number: BG240208
E-Type (1961-1974) angle drive.
part number: C18739
Bell housing seal for E-Type and XK150 with "JS" gearbox.
part number: C18379
Bell housing seal for E-Type, XK150 & MK2 with "JS" gearbox.
part number: HK5229
This new clutch has an improved clamping pressure with a softer pedal feel and less pedal pressure. ...More
part number: C26532
E-Type (1961-1974) brake / clutch pedal.
part number: CLUTOOL
Clutch Alignment Tool for all Jaguar models with a standard transmission.