part number: JL120
E-Type (1965-1974) bonnet wiring harness.
part number: 7000231
Now back in stock. New and improved Crane FAST XR-700 ignition kit for all 6 cylinder Jaguar E-Type...More
part number: 7000300K
Now back in stock. New and improved Crane FAST RX-700 ignition kit for use with V12 engines using th...More
part number: DDB153O
Distributor cap for E-Type (1971-1974), XJS (1971-1980) & XJ12 (1971-1980)
part number: C5204
Earth connector. Fits the following Jaguar models: XK120, XK140, XK150, E-Type (all), MKI, MKII, MKV...More
part number: CL97
Ignition coil for E-Type (1971-1974), XJ12 (up to 1981) and XJS V12 (up to 1981). Original OEM Lucas...More
part number: DCB101
Ignition condenser for the E-Type and XJ6 (up to 1977).
part number: DRB135
Ignition Rotor for E-Type (1971-1974), XJ12 (1976-1986) & XJS (1976-1987).
part number: DPB101
E-Type V12 (1971-1974) and XJ12 (70-74) ignition module.
part number: C3197311
Lokut Nut
E-type (1965-1974)
XJ6&XJ12 [XJ40] (1993-1994; VIN 667829 to 708757)
part number: C34916
E-Type V12 (1971-1974) main wiring harness.
part number: PERV12
Pertronix electronic ignition for V12 Jaguar engines with dist# 36DE12. XJ6, XJS (1976-1981) and Ser...More
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