part number: C5846
Banjo Bolt For Oil Line E-Type 1971-1974 XJS 1975-1995 (3 Required)
part number: PT181110
Oil pressure sender for XJ6 XJ12 XJS E-Type V12. For the 100 PSI gage, for the light use PS5320-6-03...More
part number: C42511
Oil filler cap seal for E-Type V12 (1971-1974, XJ6 (1975-1994), and XJS.
part number: GFE155A
Oil Filter - Paper 12 Cylinder E-Type 1971-1974.

also part# C-37982
part number: 12911
Oil Filter Housing O-Ring Seal 12 Cylinder E-Type 1971-1974
part number: EAC7252
Main oil pan gasket for all V12 Jaguars.
part number: C33856
Oil Pipe Block Gasket 12 Cylinder E-Type 1971-1974
part number: C33869
E-Type V12 (1971-1974) oil pump to pickup tube fitting. This is a NOS Jaguar item. No longer availab...More
part number: C35508
E-Type V12, XJS V12, and XJ12 oil sender housing gasket.
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