part number: C43216
Upper Ball Joint Gaiter for MK2, 3.8S, 420, 420G, E-Type (1961-1974), XJ6 (1969-1987), and XJS Up T...More
part number: C22969
Ball joint gaiter retainer. Fits: XK140, XK150, MK1, MK2, MK7, MK9, MK10, E-Type (all), XJ6 (1980-19...More
part number: C635
E-Type (all), XK120, MK5 ball joint spring.
part number: C28687
Brass Knockoff Tool For Hexagonal Knockoffs E-Type 1968-1974
part number: C35592G
One pair of GAZ adjustable front shocks. These shocks fit V12 Jaguar E-Type (1971-1974). GAZ shocks ...More
part number: C15351
Inner Bearing For Front Hub MK2, 3.8S , 420, 420G, E-Type, and XJ6 (1969-1974). (2 Required)
part number: C15352
Front hub outer bearing for MK2, 3.8S, 420, 420G, E-Type, and XJ6 (1969-1975). 2 Required.
part number: C15350
Front Hub Seal MK2 1959-1967, 3.8S 1963-1968, 420 & 420G 1966-1968, E-Type 1961-1974, XJ6 1969-1974 ...More
part number: C15155
E-Type (1961-1974) front lower shock bolt.
part number: C35592
Front Shock 12 Cylinder E-Type 1971-1974 (2 Required) (Also Requires C-3273 Bushings, 2 Per Shock Or...More
part number: 80J2215
E-Type V12 (1971-1974) NOS Koni front shock. This is a single front shock and is not available as a ...More
part number: C35592GIRL
E-Type V12 (1971-1974) front shock pair. These are 2 NOS Girling shocks. Comes in original Girling b...More
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