part number: C35077
E-Type V12 (1971-1974) balance pipe clip. 2 required.
part number: AUC2141
Carburetor banjo to fuel pump seal. Fits XK120/140/150, E-Type and early sedans.
part number: B17933P
Stromberg carburetor side cover.
part number: EDL4025
Carburetor syncronizer unisyn tool. Used to calibrate carburetors.
part number: AUC2175
Dome to carburetor screw. Fits SU carburetors.
part number: C34854
E-Type (1969-1974) dual carburetor choke cable.
part number: FZX3062
Series III Jaguar E-Type V12 (1971-1974) SU carburetor conversion kit. Includes all components neces...More
part number: AUC1557
Float bowl lid washer.
part number: AUC2110
Float chamber screw for SU carburetors. 4 required per carburetor.
part number: B1E
E-Type Series II non-adjustable metering needle for Stromberg carburetors.
part number: 12851
Stromberg carburetor diaphragm.
part number: B20767
Stromberg float bowl plug.
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