part number: SBS1283
10 piece exterior trim set for the Jaguar MK IX.
part number: SBS1282
MK2 body molding kit. Includes the following part numbers: BD256923, BD29321, BD256945, BD17127, BD9...More
part number: BD200101
MK2 outer window wipe. 19" long.
part number: BD18271
MK2 (3.4, 3.8), 3.4/3.8S, 420 sill seal. 4 required per car. This is the rubber seal you step over w...More
part number: BD20086
Early sedan LHR vent latch handle.
part number: BD20087
Early sedan RHR vent latch handle.
part number: BD28209
Window channel felt. Sold in 78" rolls. Roadster = 1 roll; FHC = 2 rolls; 2+2 = 3 rolls.
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