part number: 54522233U
Used Jaguar 3.8S headlamp ring. 54522233
part number: SLR576PR
5 3/4" Driving light with a clear lens. These are excellent reproductions. These lights fit XK120, X...More
part number: SLR576CVR
One Lucas 5 3/4" light cover.
part number: SLR700F
7" Fog Lamp for XK120 and MK 5 with fluted lens. Has chrome nipple. Also fits other British cars fro...More
part number: 555710U
NOS right hand drive 7" J-Lamp pair for XK140, XK150, MK8, MK9. Includes new halogen bulbs.
part number: 555710NOSA
7" J-Lamp pair for XK140, XK150, MK8, MK9. This is a used, original set of J-Lamps. This set is left...More
part number: 556599PR
7" original style Lucas tri-bar headlight for left-hand drive. Lamps are in great shape, the the ins...More
part number: 553921PR
NOS E-Type and MK2 7" sealed beam headlight pair. These are NOS headlights in good condition. Featur...More
part number: JL168
MK2 lh body wiring harness.
part number: JL167
MK2 RH body wiring harness.
part number: JL166
MK2 boot lid wiring harness.
part number: 34542
Brake lamp switch with spade terminal. Fits E-Type (61-68), MK2 and 3.8 S.
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