part number: C784
Banjo bolt seal. Used on most early models with banjo bolt fitment on glass fuel filter.
part number: AUC2141
Carburetor banjo to fuel pump seal. Fits XK120/140/150, E-Type and early sedans.
part number: AEU35
Choke cable trunion. Hole is located near the bottom edge for the inner cable.
part number: C9688E
Electronic, positive ground, fuel pump. Fits XK120, XK140, XK150, MK7, MK8, and MK9. Alternate part#...More
part number: BD9898
MK2 filler neck pipe grommet.
part number: C3629
XK120, XK140, XK150 and early sedan flexible fuel line.
part number: JZX1394
Fuel bowl suction screw.
part number: C23601
E-Type, 420 and 3.8S fuel filler cap.
part number: C28080
Fuel filter located in glass sediment bowl. Fits: E-Type (1961-1974), XJ6 (1969-1973), MK1 (1955-195...More
part number: AUC2139
SU carburetor fuel filter screen and spring for Jaguars 1957-1967.
part number: C10268
E-Type (all years) and MK2 fuel line clip. 7 required.
part number: C3727
E-Type, XK120, XK140, XK150 an MK Sedan fuel line clip.
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