part number: C12883
MK2 and 3.8S cooling fan shroud.
part number: BD39113
Heater box seal for various Jaguar models (1961-1974).
part number: HTP105SS
MK2, 340 heater pipe set. Includes: 1x C15727, 1x C16763, 1x C16566.
part number: C9928
E-Type 6 cyl. (1961-1971) & MK2 heater valve seal.
part number: C27105
MK2 (1960-1966) 3.4 3.8 high efficiency radiator.
part number: C3455
XK120, XK140, MK7, MK8, and MK9 radiator cap. 4 lb. cap with 4 ears.
part number: C2354
Radiator drain tap.
part number: GTS101
165 F (74c) thermostat for 4.2 E-Type (1965-1968), MK I, MK II and 3.8S.

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part number: C4985
Thermostat gasket for XK140, XK150 E-Type (3.8) MK7, MK9, and MK2.
part number: C11577
E-Type 3.8, XK150, MK2, MK10 water rail gasket.
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