part number: BD155881
3/8" body plug.
part number: BD155883
5/8" body plug.
part number: BD37358
E-Type V12 (1971-1974) and XJ6 Series I (70-74) center console lid catch.
part number: BD26989
Chrome molding friction bushing. E-Type, XJ6.
part number: C28616K
E-Type (1969-1974) and XJ6 (1970-1974) switch panel kit.

This kit includes a switch p...More
part number: JLM9707
XJ6 (1975-1987) interior lamp lens pair. No longer available from Jaguar. Hard to find item.
part number: C32850A
E-Type (1969-1974) and XJ6 (1969-1974) rocker switch cover (except sidemarker switch).
part number: ACC3015
This guide eases any pain caused by the shoulder strap. Guide is positioned to keep seat belt away f...More
part number: BD31066
XJ6 Series I (1969-974) shift ID plate.
part number: C31343
XJ6 (1970-1979) and XJS support clip.
part number: BD15466
Windshield and back glass lock cord seal.
part number: BD48848
XJ6 Series I and II (1969-1979) windshield seal.
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