part number: SMCAT
Small fixed base leaping cat hood ornament. Fits XJ6 (1969-1987). Also, this leaper can be used on X...More
part number: SMCATG
Small fixed base leaping cat hood ornament in gold. Fits XJ6 (1969-1987). Also, this leaper can be u...More
part number: BD36077
XJ6 (1969-1979) and XJS (1975-1980)
part number: BD26762
Show quality "Jaguar" motif. Fits Jaguar models from 1961-1979
part number: DCL1155
Frigidaire A/C compressor decal. Fits Jaguars from 1971-1982.
part number: BD47267
Dash motif. Fist multiple Jaguar models.
part number: DCL1010
Jaguar engine break in decal.
part number: C30283
Small chrome hubcap for XJ6/XJ12 (1970-1979) & V12 E-Type (1971-1974).
part number: LICPLTB
Jaguar black & chrome full license plate.
part number: JMM2095
"Jaguar V12" number plate pair. Signs measure 20" x 4.75" and are made of plastic.
part number: JLM20836
Jaguar touring kit. Includes: glass cleaner, fly squash remover windscreen washer, electrical tape, ...More
part number: HIDEFOOD
The finest leather care conditioner offered by Jaguar. An absolute necessity for keeping your leathe...More
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