part number: C41356
XJ6 (1983-1987) bypass hose.
part number: GHK1142
Cooling System Hose Kit for XJ6 1975-1981 up to VIN# 330665

Kit Includes:
part number: GHK1143
Cooling System Hose Kit for XJ6 1982-1987 from VIN# 330666

Kit Includes: 1) CAC-4252...More
part number: C43896
Heater core to pipe hose for XJ6 (1980-1987).
part number: C41351
XJ6 (1980-1987) heater hose.
part number: C44474
XJ12 (1970-1979) and XJS V12 heater pipe hose.
part number: C41021
Heater valve to heater core hose for XJ6 (1980-1987).
part number: C45016
XJ6 (1980-1987) heater valve to pipe hose. (also included in hose kit part# GHK-114-2 and GHK-114-3)
part number: C43999
Heater valve to pipe hose for V12 Jaguar engines.
part number: C41102
XJ12 (1973-1987) and XJS V12 5.3 lower radiator hose.
part number: C410962
XJ6 1980-1987 lower radiator hose. (also included in Hose Kit part# GHK1142 and GHK1143).
part number: C43267
XJ12 (1980-1987) 5.3 and XJS V12 5.3 LH top radiator hose.
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