part number: CAC8274
XJ6 (1987-1992) ABS brake modulator.
part number: JLM2249
Brake caliper guide pin for rear calipers. Fits model/years: XJ6 (1990-1997), XJS (1992-1996 VIN 18...More
part number: JLM782
Left front brake caliper housing, rear mount. Fits XJ6 (1988-1989).
part number: JLM2194
Caliper bushing slide kit (does 1 Pin). Fits makes/models: Does front caliper for XJ6 1990-1997, XJ8...More
part number: JLM789
Font brake caliper seal kit for XJ6 (1988-1989 VIN 500001-594575).
part number: JLM2191P
Front brake caliper piston. fits model/year: XJ6 1990-1997 & XJ8 1998-2003 (2 Required).
part number: JLM2191
Front brake caliper seal kit. Fits model/year: XJ6 1990-1997, XJ8 1998-2003, XK8 1997-2001, up To V...More
part number: DBC6595
XJ6 (1990-1995) front brake pad sensor. Alternate part# DBC5042
part number: JLM1829F
Front brake pad set (Ferodo Brand).

Fits model/year:
XJ6 (1990-1997) More
part number: JLM1281F
Front brake pads for XJ6 (1988-1989 From VIN 533361). Semi-metallic Ferodo pads
part number: JLM577
Front brake pads for XJ6 (1988-1989 VIN 500001-533360). Semi-metallic Pads With Early Round Style Pl...More
part number: JLM785
Front Brake Piston for XJ6 1988-1989 (2 required)
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