part number: CBC9941
XJ6 (1993-1994) low pressure power steering hose.
part number: CAC89682
O-Ring for a/c hoses, dipstick and fuel filter, power steering reso & oil cooler lines. XJ6(1988-199...More
part number: CBC1448
Mount Bushing Oil Cooler, Radiator, Condenser and Fan for XJ6 1980-1997, XJS 1989-1996, XJ8 1998-200...More
part number: JLM9660
Outer tie rod end for XJ6 (1982-1996 from VIN #345391).

Early & late racks are inter...More
part number: CBC4925R
PAS Rack Rebuilt for XJ6 1988-1994 (Price includes core charge)
part number: JLM1106
Pas Rack Seal Kit for XJ6 1988-1992
part number: CAC89681
Power Steering Hose O-Ring for XJ6 1988-1994
part number: CBC6297
XJ6 (1988-1994) power steering low pressure hose.
part number: CCC2904
XJ6 (1990-1993) low pressure power steering hose.
part number: EAC3970R
Rebuilt Power Steering Pump for XJ6 1988-1994 and XJS 4.0 1988-1996 (Price Includes Core Charge)
part number: AEU2787
Power Steering Pump Seal Kit for XJ6 1988-1994 & XJS 1988-1996.
part number: CBC9403
Power Steering Pump To Rack High Pressure Hose for XJ6 1988-1993.
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