part number: C22964
Copper washer. Fits multiple Jaguars and has many assorted uses.
part number: GNA7692AB
Cupholder repair kit for all Jaguars (1988-2004).
Cup holder assembly, replaces broken cup ...More
part number: BEC2603
Door Handle Linkage Clip, link rod to Latch
XJ6&XJ12[XJ40] (1987-1994; 500001 to 708757) ...More
part number: AGU2388
Interior stud retainer for XJ6 (1988-1997).
part number: X300_interior_wood
This is a used burl walnut interior wood trim kit. It came out of a 1996 XJ6 with 38,000 miles in it...More
part number: GMB8865AB
XJ6 (1995-1996, up to VIN# 773451) rubber windshield retainer.
part number: ACC3015
This guide eases any pain caused by the shoulder strap. Guide is positioned to keep seat belt away f...More
part number: CAC7835
XJ6 (1988-1997), XJ8 (1998-2003), and XK8 (1997-2006) shift knob cone.
part number: HNA1758AA
XJ6 (1995-1997), XJ8 (1998-2003) sunroof mechanism cover.
part number: HMD1084AAAGD
Sunvisor Support Clip
XJ6: X300 (1995-1997; 720125 to 812255)
XJ Series X308 (1998-2002...More
part number: GMB8865AC
Windscreen Glazing Rubber
XJ6&XJ12[XJ40] (1987-1994; 500001 to 708757)
XJ Series X300...More
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