part number: KRB100002
Engine Splash Guard Plastic Rivet Clip
XJ6: X300 (1995-1997; 720125 to 812255)
XJ Serie...More
part number: EAC6805
Cruise Control Actuator Mount for XJ6 1980-1992
Air Flow Meter Mount for XJ6 1988-1997
part number: NBA4500BB
Oil cooler output pipe.
XJ8: X300 (1995-1997; 720125 to 812255)
XJ6&XJ12[XJ40] (1987-...More
part number: NBA4510BB
XJ6 (1995-1997) Oil cooler return pipe.
part number: CBC1448
Mount Bushing Oil Cooler, Radiator, Condenser and Fan for XJ6 1980-1997, XJS 1989-1996, XJ8 1998-200...More
part number: C229624
Oil drain plug washer for XJ6 (1988-1994), 6 Cylinder XJS (1994-1996).
part number: GFE317O
Oil Filter XJ6 1976-1997 XJS 1975-1996
We also recommend purchasing an Oil Plug Seal with yo...More
part number: NBB1716AA
XJ6 (1988-1997) and XJS (1988-1996) oil filter housing gasket.
part number: EAC7252
Main oil pan gasket for all V12 Jaguars.
part number: DBC5513
Oil pressure gauge sending unit. Fits 1988-1997 XJ6 and 1993-1996 4.0 and 6.0 XJS. This updated smal...More
part number: EAC7398
Oil pump for 3.6L/4.0L XJ6 (1988-1997).
part number: EAC7251
XJS V12 and XJ12 oil sump gasket.
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