part number: MNA7300AB
A/C compressor rebuilt with clutch (4 groove pulley) for XJ6 (1995-1997).
part number: CBC6522
A/C compressor for XJ6 (1988-1997 up to VIN 629285) AND XJS 4.0. Requires purchase of knew receiver ...More
part number: CBC8074
A/C condenser for XJ6 (1988-1992).
part number: JLM11944VLV
XJ6 (1995-1997) and XJ8 (1998-2003) A/C expansion valve.
part number: MMD7410AA
A/C receiver drier for R134 XJ6 (1993-1997 from VIN 667829), XJ12 (1994).
part number: EAC6805
Cruise Control Actuator Mount for XJ6 1980-1992
Air Flow Meter Mount for XJ6 1988-1997
part number: KSG108116
O-Ring for A/C Hoses and Condenser for XJ6 1980-1997, XJ12 1994 and XJS 1992-1996
part number: CBC1448
Mount Bushing Oil Cooler, Radiator, Condenser and Fan for XJ6 1980-1997, XJS 1989-1996, XJ8 1998-200...More
part number: JZB100066
XK8 (1997-2006) and XJ6 (1995-1997) square head bolt. Used in various places in the A/C system.
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