part number: C2C31216
XJ V6 (VIN# G24258-G29903) engine mount.
part number: C2C2895
XJ8 (2004-2009, from VIN# G00442) hood strut.
part number: C2C1560
Leaping cat hood ornament for the XJ8 (2004-2006). This is an OEM item.
part number: XR850990
S-Type (2005 and up) and XJ8 (2004-2006) Left hand wiper blade. Includes washer jets.
part number: C2C6056
Wiper blade refill for S-Type (Vin# M35843 and up) & XJ8 Left Hand only 24"
part number: C2C4479
XJ8 Bonnet (Hood) Cable Release Assembly
XJ8: X350 (2004-2009; G0042 to H332732)
part number: C2C2147
XJ8 (2004 to VIN# H17819) front left wheel arch liner.

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part number: C2C3123
XJ8 Primary Bonnet (Hood) Latch
XJ8: X350 (2004-2009; G0042 to H332732)
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