part number: C2C37064
XJ8 (2004-2009), S-Type V8 (from VIN# M45255), XK8 (2003-2006, from VIN# A30645), XK (4.2, VIN# B177...More
part number: C2S45579
XJ (2006 & up, from VIN# G49701), XF (3.0 V6), X-Type (from VIN# J32041), and S-Type (from VIN# N520...More
part number: C2C37057
XJR (2004-2009), XKR (2007-2012) and XFR 4.2 drive belt tensioner.
part number: C2C28085
S-Type (VIN# M60376-M62935), XJ (VIN# G48436 and up), XF (all) engine drive belt. This is an OEM Jag...More
part number: AJ82327
Jaguar XJ8, XK8, XK, S-Type (V8 only), XF drive plate.
part number: C2C37056
XJR (2004-2009), XKR (2007-2012) and XFR 4.2 idler mount bracket.
part number: JHC302270
Hose Clamp
S-type (1999.5-2008; L00001 to N80181)
XJ8: X350 (2004-2009; G0042 to H33273...More
part number: C2C11654
XJ8 (2004-2009), XK8 (2003-2006, from VIN# A30645), and S-Type V8 (2003-2008, from VIN# M45255) serp...More
part number: C2S46862
XJR 4.2 (2004-2009), XJR 5.0 (2010 up to VIN# V39426), XKR 4.2 (2007 and up, from VIN# B17758), XKR ...More
part number: NCA1998AB
XJ8 XK8 S-Type (V8) timing chain guide.
part number: NCA2017BE
Left timing chain tensioner. Fits XJ8, XK8 & V8 S-Type.
part number: NCA2017AF
Right timing chain tensioner. Fits XJ8, XK8 & V8 S-Type.
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