part number: C2C39600
Fuel lid / gas cap for XJ (2004 and up), XK (2007 and up), XF, and X-Type.
part number: XR819276
Fuel Tank Gas Filler Cap
S-type (1999.5-2008; L00001 to N80181)
XJ8: X350 (2004-2009;...More
part number: C2C20540
S-Type V8 4.2L (VIN# N13089-N52047), XJ8 V8 4.2L (VIN# G00442-G49700).
part number: C2S16014
S-Type V6, X-Type, and V6 XJ (2004-2009) throttle body feed hose.
part number: XR840053
S-Type and XJ8 (2004-2006) throttle body inlet hose.
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