part number: C2C39577
XJ (2004-2009) blower motor control module.
part number: AJ89485
S-Type V8 (2002 and up, from VIN# M45255) and XJ8 (2004-2006 up to VIN# G49700) thermostat housing...More
part number: LNA1600AA
Coolant sensor on thermostat housing. Fits XJ8 (1998-2009), XK8 (1997-2006), S-Type, and X-Type
part number: AJ85875
Thermostat Housing for S-Type(all), XJ8(all) & XK8(all)
part number: AJ86484
Thermostat V8 All 4.0L XK8 XJ8 S-Type.
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