part number: C1782
5/16" clutch dowel.
part number: HK5229
This new clutch has an improved clamping pressure with a softer pedal feel and less pedal pressure. ...More
part number: CLUTOOL
Clutch Alignment Tool for all Jaguar models with a standard transmission.
part number: C3267
XK120 and XK140 clutch bearing housing.
part number: C9780
XK120, XK140, and XK150 clutch fork.
part number: C24147
Clutch rod adjuster assembly.
part number: C3255
Clutch Shaft Bearing - Spherical XK120 1948-1954 XK140 1954-1957
part number: C3257
XK120 and XK140 small clutch shaft O-Ring.
part number: 3931
Differential Cover Gasket XK120 1948- 1954, XK140 1954-1961, XK150 1957-1961, MK1 1955-1959, MK2 195...More
part number: C3323
XK120 and XK140 dust boot for spherical bearing.
part number: C4855
Flywheel bolt for 6 cylinder Jaguars with 3.4, 3.8 and 4.2 Litre engines.
part number: C4810
Flywheel lock tab for various models.
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