part number: BD5190
XK120, XK140, XK150 front fender vent seal.
part number: HSA120
XK120, XK140, and XK150 headlight mounting bracket.
part number: 140158
XK120, XK140, and XK150 headlight spear pair.
part number: BD5189
XK120 XK140 XK150 (early) mesh fender vent.
part number: BD9262R
Original Jaguar XK140 re plated grille. The grill has a blemish in the chrome around where the cente...More
part number: 5299OK
Chrome outer headlamp rim. Fits Jaguar XK140 XK150 MK8 & MK9.
part number: C40982
Red parking lamp jewel clip for XK120, XK140, XK150 and various sedans.
part number: BD15466
Windshield and back glass lock cord seal.
part number: BD7960
Windshield seal for XK120 and XK140. Fits drop head coupe and fixed head coupe.
part number: SB11
XK Bonnet / Spare wheel buffer.
part number: BD9431
XK140 front grille badge.
part number: XK140BONNET2
XK140 roadster bonnet. As with all bonnets, it will need to be fitted to the car, but in good condit...More
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