part number: JLM21319
XKR XJR bleeder screw kit for "R" performance calipers.
part number: FJA3005AEBA
B-Grade bonnet (hood) for the XK8 (1997-2004). Both corners are dented and there are various dents w...More
part number: HXD6064EA
XJR (1998-2003), XKR (1997-2006) special front caliper bolt. Only fits R performance brake package.
part number: JLM20266
Cylinder Brake
XJ8:X308 (1998-2002; 812317 to H32731)
XK8/XKR (1997-1999; 001246 to 042...More
part number: LJB6420BB
Brake Switch, Under Brake Pedal
XJS (1992-1996; 179737 to 226645)
XK8/XKR (1997-2006; 0...More
part number: MJA1845AD
Spring Pin, for ABS Rotor on Front Hub
XJ8: X308 (1998-2003; 812317 to H32731)
XK8/XKR ...More
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