part number: LJA1800AB
XJ8 (VIN# 812317-F59525) and XK8 (VIN# 04001-A30644) alternator. $100.00 core charge applies to this...More
part number:
Crane FAST XR-700 ignition kit for all 4-6-8 cylinder Jaguars from 1975 and up.
part number: LCA1510AB
2 pin ignition coil for XJ8 from VIN 812317-F59525 and XK8 up to VIN 042775.
part number: LNE1510AB
4 pin ignition coil for XJ8 from VIN 853935 on & XK8 from VIN A30644.
part number: AJ87644
S-Type V8 (2002-2008, VIN# M45255 and up), XJ8 (2004-2009, VIN# G00442 and up) and XK8 (2003-2006, V...More
part number: NCA2578BB
XJ8 (1998-2003) and XK8 (1997-2002) spark plug seal.
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