part number: AJ82217H
Aluminum thermostat housing kit for the XJ8 & XK8 manufactured by Welsh Enterprises. Unlike the plas...More
part number: MJD4400AB
XK8 (2002-2006, from VIN# A29070) coolant expansion tank. Does not fit XKR.
part number: MJA4440BA
XJ8 (1998-2003), XK8, X-Type coolant expansion tank cap.
part number: CBC1448
Mount Bushing Oil Cooler, Radiator, Condenser and Fan for XJ6 1980-1997, XJS 1989-1996, XJ8 1998-200...More
part number: MNC8200AE
Supercharger radiator for model/years: XJR(1998-1993), XKR(1997- VIN A35684).
part number: AJ85885
XJ8 (1998-2003) and XK8 (1997-2002) thermostat housing water outlet pipe. 4.0 engines.
part number: AJ89486
XK8 4.2 (2004-2006) water outlet pipe.
part number: C2C11477
Water outlet seal. Fits XJ8, XK8, XK, S-Type and XF.
part number: AJ86326
XK8 (VIN# A30645 and up) heater feed hose. #1 in picture.
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