part number: C2S14403
S-Type from VIN M45255 and Up
X-Type All
XK8: from VIN A30645 and ...More
part number: BADGESW
Green trunk switch badge for the Jaguar XJ6 (1995-1997), XJ8, XK8, S-Type & X-Type. Jaguar dealers w...More
part number: LICPLTB
Jaguar black & chrome full license plate.
part number: JLM20930
Jaguar S-Type (from VIN# M45255 & up), X-Type, XJ8 (2004-2006 up to VIN #G12777) key fob transmitter...More
part number: HIDEFOOD
The finest leather care conditioner offered by Jaguar. An absolute necessity for keeping your leathe...More
part number: C2S32567
S-Type / X-Type portable electronics unit for telephone.
part number: JLM21308
Rear mud flap Kit. Fits S-Type model years 2000 - 2004 up to VIN# N13089
part number:
part number: XR812839LGP
S-Type (1999-2003 up to VIN# M45254) Floor mat set in Granite. This set contains 4 floor mats. These...More
part number: XR817290EX
Jaguar S-Type navigation system and stereo. This unit came out of a 2000 S-Type 4.0 with a VIN# L565...More
part number: LNA49001RIM
S-Type Rear Chrome Light Trim, chrome plated trim rings for the tail lights
S-Type (199-2...More
part number: C2S13886
Lugnut for the S-Type, X-Type & XJ8 (04-07). Price is per lugnut.
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