part number:
Crane FAST XR-700 ignition kit for all 4-6-8 cylinder Jaguars from 1975 and up.
part number: AJ87644
S-Type V8 (2002-2008, VIN# M45255 and up), XJ8 (2004-2009, VIN# G00442 and up) and XK8 (2003-2006, V...More
part number: XR842741
Ignition coil for V6 3.0 Liter S-Type up to VIN# M45254 (up to 2003).

Also known unde...More
part number: XR827823
V8 Jaguar S-Type 4.0 Liter ignition coil. Karlyn brand igntion coil. Fits all S-Type's up to VIN M45...More
part number: C2S11480
Ignition coil for S-Type (VIN M45254 and up) and X-Type
part number: C2C25596
S-Type (2004-2008, from VIN# N13089) and XJ (2005-2009, from VIN# G39035) ignition switch. Without l...More
part number: C2C10876
Jaguar S-Type (from VIN# M45255 & up), X-Type, XJ8 (2004-2006 up to VIN #G12777) key fob transmitter...More
part number: XR814052
Jaguar S-Type (from VIN# L31321 to L86901) V6 3.0 ignition coil.
part number: XR842795
Spark plug for the S-type (6 cylinder) and X-Type. Plug has standard thread length.

part number: XR85380
S-Type (V6) and X-Type (V6) spark plug boss seal.
V6 Jaguar S-Type and X-Type tune up kit. Includes 6 spark plugs and a oil filter. All parts are OEM ...More
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