part number: XR826855U
Used S-Type (2003-2004, VIN# M45255-N13088) front body processor module. XR826855
part number: XR816667001U
Used S-Type 3.0 (2001-2002, VIN# L68482-M45254) front body processor module. XR816667001
part number: LNA5361ADU
XJ6 (1995-1997), XJ8 (1998-2003), S-Type (1999-2002, up to VIN# M45254) LH interior reading lamp. Th...More
part number: XR817486001U
Used S-Type (2000-2002, up to VIN# M45254) rear body processor module. XR817486001
part number: XR835478001U
Used S-Type (2003-2004, VIN# M45255-N13088) rear body processor module. XR835478001
part number: XR854843
Jaguar S-Type wiper switch without rain sensor. Fits from VIN# M98368-N64913.
part number: XR849761U
Used S-Type (00-02, from VIN# M45254) switch pack with memory option. Fits the drivers side door on ...More
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