part number: NCE2247H
Aluminum thermostat housing kit for the V8 S-type (up to VIN# M45254) manufactured by Welsh Enterpri...More
part number: NCA2575CA
Cam cover isolator for S-Type, XJ8 and XK8.
part number: NCE2577AC
Center cam cover seal for S-Type (V8), XJ8 and XK8.
part number: NCA1451AA
XJ8, XK8, and S-Type crankshaft damper bolt.
part number: AJ89510
S-Type V6 (1999-2008), X-Type (2001-2008), XJ V6 (2004-2009), and XF V6 crankshaft rear oil seal.
part number: XR857526U
Used S-Type (2000-2002, up to VIN# M45254) driveshaft assembly. This is a large item, and shipping c...More
part number: AJ82327
Jaguar XJ8, XK8, XK, S-Type (V8 only), XF drive plate.
part number: XR82856
XJ8 (2004-2009, XK8 (1997-2006), S-Type (2003 and up, from VIN# M45255) and X-Type (2001-2008) engin...More
part number: C2C5093
S-Type (V8) (up to 2004), XJ8 (1998-2003), XK8 (1997-2004) Idler pulley.

Alternate pa...More
part number: AJ83699
XJ8 (1998-2009), XK8 (1997-2006), XK 4.2 (2007 and up), S-Type V8 (1999-2008), and XF 4.2 (2009 and ...More
part number: AJ89062
Intake manifold gasket. Fits: XJ (2005-2009, from VIN# G45241), XK (2007 and up), S-Type 4.2 V8 (200...More
part number: AJ810631
Late Model Grommet
XJ8: X350 (2004-2009; G0042 to H332732)
XK8/XKR (1997-2006; 001...More
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