part number: NCE2247H
Aluminum thermostat housing kit for the V8 S-type (up to VIN# M45254) manufactured by Welsh Enterpri...More
part number: XR82823
XJ8 (2004-2006) and S-Type (2002-2008) coolant expansion tank cap.
part number: XR849447
S-Type (2002-2008, from VIN# M45255) coolant expansion tank hose.
part number: XR847956
S-Type (2002-2008, VIN# M45255 and up), XJ8 (2004-2009) radiator coolant expansion tank. Fits V8 and...More
part number: C2C1128
S-Type radiator expansion tank that fits VIN from L28099 to L86901.

Alternate part#'s...More
part number: XR847965
Radiator Expansion Tank S-Type Supercharged. Fits 4.2 V8 engine.
part number: XR82935
Radiator for S-Type (up to VIN M45254).
part number: XR822975
S-Type (up to VIN# M45254) heater valve.
part number: XR854920
Jaguar S-Type V6 3.0L 2002-2005 (VIN# M45255 - N52047) top radiator hose assembly kit. Our kit is OE...More
part number: XR85174
S-Type (V6 only) thermostat.
part number: XR85174
S-Type V6 (1999-2008) and XF V6 thermostat.
part number: AJ89485
S-Type V8 (2002 and up, from VIN# M45255) and XJ8 (2004-2006 up to VIN# G49700) thermostat housing...More
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