part number: C2C26852
Lower rear shock bushing for S-Type, XJ (2004 & up), XK and XF.
part number: XR88760
S-Type (00-02, up to VIN# M45254) LHR Wishbone.

Alternate part#: C2P14468
part number: XR88759
S-Type (00-02, up to VIN# M45254) RHR Wishbone.

Alternate part#: C2C10435
part number: C2C6632
XJ8 (2004-2009, from VIN# G00442) and S-Type (2002-2008, from VIN# M45255) rear hub retaining clip.
part number: C2C13835
S-Type (M45255 and up), XK (2007 and up), XJ (2004-2009) rear staibilizing link. OEM Jaguar item
part number: TRSTYPELATE
Jaguar S-Type (2003 and up) inner tie rod. Fits left or right side.
part number: XR811180
S-Type rear shock. It is non-adaptive damping control (up to VIN# M45254).
part number: XR819159
Jaguar S-Type rear stabilizer link. Fits up to VIN# M45254.

Alternate part# XR825750
part number: XR812983
Shock Asorber, Rear Damper
S-type (1999.5-2008; L00001 to N80181)
part number: C2S13886
Lugnut for the S-Type, X-Type & XJ8 (04-07). Price is per lugnut.
part number: C2C35294K
Lugnut Kit for the S-Type, X-Type & XJ8 (04-07).
part number: XR848943
S-Type (2004-2008) (VIN# N13089-N80764) and XK (2007-2010, up to VIN# B32752), XJ (2010 and up), XF ...More
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