part number: C42239
XJS (1975-1990) battery indicator gauge. *** This item has a $50 core charge which will bed added af...More
part number: DBC3032
XJS 3.6 console area cable harness cover.
part number: BEC26361U
Used XJS (1994-1996, from VIN# 190528) center A/C vent. BEC26361
part number: DAC4377
XJS (VIN# 139052-179736) console switch surround.
part number: DAC1571
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Mechanical dash clock for XJ6 Series II...More
part number: EAC1424
XJ12 (1980-1987) and XJS V12 (VIN# 139052-179736) drive gear housing.
part number: CBC8484U
XJS 4.0 (VIN# 179737-226645) gear selector gate and mounting plate assembly.
part number: SN536400S
XJS (1975-1978) speedometer. 160 mph. *** This part has a $100 core charge that will be added to you...More
part number: DAC1750
XJS (1988-1989) tachometer. NOS.
part number: ACT810000
XJS (1975-1996) temperature gauge.
part number: DAC4296U
Used XJ6 (1982-1987) and XJS (1987-1991) trip computer. DAC4296
part number: TES1800262
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XJS Speedometer Transducer,If your spee...More
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